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Prashanth Kumar Bonagiri – Artist in Hyderabad

Prashanth Kumar Bonagiri – Artist in Hyderabad

My Story

Originally I am from Hyderabad India. As a child, I loved to draw people and had the natural ability to capture the likeness of my subjects. In high school, I have drawn my teachers as they walked about teaching the class.

Some have called me “a modern-day Norman Rockwell.” The craftsmanship and intricate detail in my art have an heirloom quality because I am dedicated to capturing life and preserving special moments for all eternity.

Today’s fast-paced world, full of computer imaging and video cameras, has made the portrait artist of yesteryear quite a rare commodity. So If you are looking for something more lasting, something to hand down for generations, something to capture the essence of your loved ones? Contact me. Transform your favorite family photo into a BEAUTIFUL work of art.

My Services

  • Sketch Painting Arts
  • Portrait Arts
  • Pencil Sketches
  • 3rd Mural Painting Services
  • Canvas Paintings
  • Mural Wall painting services
  • Portrait Paintings
  • Micro Arts
  • Sketch Painting Arts

  • Portrait Arts

  • Pencil Sketches

  • 3rd Mural Painting Services

  • Canvas Paintings

  • Mural Wall painting services

  • Portrait Paintings

  • Micro Arts

canvas paintings artist in hyderabad

Hi There!

  •  I am Prashanth Kumar Bonagiri, an Artist in Hyderabad, thriving to keep authentic, traditional art alive in this modern world driven by digital and virtual technology
  • I have had a keen passion for art and culture for as long as I can remember. Art feels like a Gift of God to me given my inclination towards it from very early days in my life. At a time when most children struggled to create some still scenery, I could pride myself in creating beautiful portraits with a deep resemblance to the features and characteristics of my subjects.
  • I still remember passing my lectures by drawing my teachers and professors as they walked around the classroom. With what I did, my friends even nicknamed me the modern-day Norman Rockwell. That was some honor!I believe art is my natural calling and here I am pursuing my career in creating beautiful and mesmerizing art pieces that capture life, moments, and memories for an eternity.
  • With my expertise, my drawings and arts are better than what a camera would do for you. The world has gone digital enough. Would you like to take a break from it and capture a piece of your moments and memories in something more serene, beautiful, heartwarming, and memorable? If YES, reach out to me now and have your favorite photographs converted to beautiful, memorable, and eternal pieces of art.

What Do I Create?

  • I am a passionate artist with the vision and mission to help you decorate your homes with beautiful paintings, portraits, murals, and other art products. Moving on with my artistic endeavors, I can create multiple arts to offer you to put on your walls, desks, table-tops, and other places.
  • Here are all the things that I can create for you.

Sketch Painting Arts

  • Want to decorate your homes with a beautiful scenic view? Love a scenic view and want it in a more artistic style rather than just a digital print of it? Get the most beautiful sketches made with paints with my Sketch Painting Arts.

Portrait Arts

  • Portraits are always special. The liveliness that’s built in the portraits is mesmerizing, and it’s not easy to create very lively portraits that perfectly resemble the features of a person. Well, I mastered doing that. Want to give a lively and attractive portrait to a loved one to make them feel more special? Get in touch now, send me a picture you want to be converted to a portrait, and I’ll do that for you at best.

Pencil Sketches

  • Do you love how plain and black yet beautiful and adorable sketches look? Would you like to have them framed to be put up on your wall or a side table? I’ll do that for you with my excellent hand at working a pencil. Whether you want a still sketch or a portrait, I’d create the perfect pencil sketches for you.

Mural Paintings

  • Want to give a special and aesthetic look to your walls rather than putting up some plain colors, textures, and wallpapers? Well, you’re in the right place. I can help you create beautiful aesthetics for your walls with my mural paintings.

3D Mural Paintings

  • Mural paintings have been famous and they look very aesthetic on your walls. But do you know what’s one step ahead of them? It’s 3D Mural Paintings. They’ll not only add some aesthetic look to your walls but make them more lively with the art and images popping out and looking real. Want to create some lively look around your home and amaze your guests with them moving right into the walls believing they’re some stairs or doors? Do that with my 3D Mural Paintings that are lively to the core.

Canvas Paintings

  • Colors pop out beautifully on canvas and when you put them up on your walls, they look Oh-So-WOWWW! Want to give that Oh-So-WOWWW look to your walls? Contact me now for my beautiful canvas paintings in all designs, shapes, and sizes.

Portrait Paintings

  • Pencil portraits look beautiful but portraits created with paint look mesmerizingly beautiful. Want to show your loved ones how adorable and mesmerizing they look? Well, give them a portrait painting and they’ll serve your message. Moreover, you can see your special person smile and blush and be happy.

Micro Arts

  • Are you fascinated by those artistic lockets, rings, keyrings, and other stuff? Have you seen those resin arts and lead pencil keyrings and designs and felt like you want them right now? You can get it all from me. Contact me, tell me what piece of micro art you want and I’ll create that for you.

Why Purchase My Arts?

  • I have a keen passion for art and I thrive to grow it and make something big of it. With what I do, I aim to deliver a piece of feeling, emotion, moment, and memory. My arts are customized and personalized to portray deeper feelings and emotions.

What better art would you choose than the one that reflects your innermost feelings?

My Awards

portrait painting in hyderabad

Dr.K.Lakshmi State Art Gallery


State Level Seva Ratna Award

portrait paintings artist in hyderabad

Seva Nandi Award By Health Minister Telangana

micropen art

Smt.Bharati Hollikeri IAS, District Collector & Magistrate , Mancherial.


Loved by Many

I was really impressed with the quality of the work that I received from Prashanth. I love knowing the artworks done by him and he is very dedicated towards his work and very friendly with people
I would definitely recommend Prashanth Arts, and especially the work of Pencil Sketches and miro art Thanks for a great experience.
Prashanth Delivered a beautiful painting for me which i gifted to my loved ones he is just awesome and dedicated to his work he is very particular about every detail and known for perfection

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